Avoiding These Problems is Worth the Trouble of Finding Climate Controlled Storage

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Climate control is not a feature you want to skip if you’re putting precious items, family heirlooms (including special bedding or handmade cloth items), electronics, records or even movies into storage units in Miami. If you find the right storage facility, you’ll find that climate control is an added value in their units. If you don’t have a unit with climate controlled storage, here are a few of the hazards you may face:


· Mold and mildew. Furniture and paper-based products can be affected by mold and mildew, which grow in warm, dark and moist places. Mold can ruin books and items made from fabric, like sheets, blankets and other papers. These can create stains and smells that you cannot remove from the fabric and paper.


· Moisture. Almost any amount of moisture, if exposed long enough, can cause serious harm to television sets, stereos and even computer equipment. Climate controlled storage limits the amount of moisture in a storage unit, thus limiting the damage to these items from moisture.


· Warping. Vinyl records, movies and other items can suffer warping when exposed to extreme temperatures for an extended period of time. This affects sound and image quality for movies and music, and can even cause distortion of images in artwork.


· Cracking and Flaking. If you’re storing paintings in a unit that does not have climate control, you may find that the image cracks and the paint even flakes off when left in a humid unit.


As you prepare to move your belongings into self-storage in Miami, Fl, you’ll want to consider use the right boxes and tape – size the boxes correctly and use durable paper tape that can keep heavy boxes shut. You’ll want to pack your storage unit correctly – utilizing vertical space, with the heaviest items on the bottom of the various stacks.


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Four Items That Are Best Stored in Climate Controlled Storage

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There are items that you can put into a storage unit without the concern of heat and moisture damage – ceramic knickknacks and dishes come to mind. But, there are other items that are very sensitive to changes in heat and moisture. If you’re putting any of the following items into storage in Miami, you might want to find a company that offers climate controlled storage to best protect your belongings.


Items that Need Climate Controlled Storage


· Artwork – When it comes to storing precious artwork, your best option to protect paintings, photography, and metal sculptures, is to invest in climate controlled storage. If a storage unit isn’t climate controlled, there’s a chance that your paintings could crack or distort, or that metal sculptures could corrode.


· Classic Cars – In the unpredictable and humid weather of Florida, there are places that offer climate controlled storage in Miami that can protect your prized classic car. The lower temperatures in climate controlled units protect your car’s interior from cracking or being affected by extreme weather.


· Wine – Changes in temperature can easily affect the quality and taste of wines, and for that reason, it is very important to have climate controlled storage for your wine collection. Some wines can handle storage in higher temperatures, but that is not true for most. Humidity affects the cork that is used to seal most bottles of wine. When corks dry out, they allow air into the bottle, which can cause wine to turn.


· Musical Instruments – Musical instruments made of wood are susceptible to shrinking and swelling in humid, warm conditions. Both shrinking and swelling can affect the vibrations through which the instruments produce sound. High humidity can cause strain on guitar and piano strings, while low humidity causes the tension on the strings to shrink.


If you have any of these items and are searching for storage in Miami, you’ll want to choose a company that offers units with climate controlled storage, to protect your investment. Learn more about Value Store It’s protection plan for your stored items and their options for climate controlled storage.


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Three Ways that Off-Site Document Storage Helps Your Home Business

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Running a home-based business can be a daunting task. You know that you’ll need to separate your personal documents from your business documents, but sometimes in a home office, it’s not as easy as having separate filing cabinets. Papers pile up and, often, get mixed. This possibility can make record keeping much more difficult – and is one reason that storing business documents offsite can make your life easier.


Using Off Site Storage Offers Increased Security

There are companies that offer document storage and management, services that help you, as a business owner, to ensure that you have required documents even in the case of an emergency – like a fire or natural disaster. These companies typically offer secure document storage for paper documents; if you’re looking to digitize your paperwork, they can do that for you too, providing secure online access whenever you need to access the digital copies. In digital storage, you’ll often be provided with record management software that helps you track your records, including who has accessed the documents, whenever you need to do so.


Document Storage Companies Can Pick Up, Store and Organize Your Files

When you signing up for off-site document storage, if you choose the right company, they’ll pick up the documents you want to store and deliver them to the storage site. They’ll even organize your files, creating an index that you can access anytime.


You’ll Have More Space to Conduct Business or Family Life

For some individuals, the most compelling reason to choose off-site document storage for a home-based business is that you can have your business, but still have all the room you need for your family. Document storage greatly reduces the possibility of mixing up your important business papers with your family documents.


If you are in the Miami area and need help with document storage, then feel free to contact us and see how Value Store It can help get your files under control.


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Five Tips to Prepare for Spring Cleaning

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spring cleaning

Spring is here! If you know that you’re eager to begin your spring cleaning and are looking for simple ways to organize and refresh your living spaces, consider these five tips.

  1. Create a List of Areas to Clean and an Overall Plan. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of spring cleaning, creating a list of specific things that you need to clean can help you focus on the big picture and not just specific projects.
  2. Gather Your Supplies. You won’t be able to get the job done if you don’t have the necessary tools, cleaners and supplies. If you plan to swap items out, this is the time purchase the new curtains or bedclothes.
  3. Gather Bags and Boxes to Separate Your Items. It’s a common tip, but if you separate out your items into boxes to keep, throw away or donate, it’s easier to pare down your items.
  4. Create a Playlist and Recruit Help. Make your spring cleaning fun. Sometimes the best way to complete this job is to do it while singing along with the music you enjoy. You may also want to bring in some help – extra hands help you get the job done more quickly and make it more interesting and fun.
  5. Dig in and Get Started. Once you’ve done the work to prepare, there’s nothing left but to jump right in and get started. Sometimes it helps to set a time limit for each room and focus, then move on to a new room.

If your spring cleaning plans include removing cherished items from your home, you’ll need indoor storage. The best way to protect those pieces is to create an inventory, properly pack those items and rent the appropriate sized storage unit to accommodate your belongings while de-cluttering your home.


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Value Store It – Pompano – American Cancer Society Event – March 19th

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Value Store It – Pompano held a fundraiser event on March 19th to support the American Cancer Society and help kick off the Pompano Beach Relay For Life, which will be held on April 12th and 13th at the Pompano Community Park. Here are some photos from the fundraiser:




Four Tips to Prepare Your Boat for Storage

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For boat owners, the end of the boating season can bring a bit of sadness at the thought of storing their vessel. When it comes time to put your boat into storage, there are several steps that you should take in order to help maintain its condition.


boat for storage


Four Tips to Prepare Your Boat for Storage


Clean Out The Boat. Wash down the interior and exterior. Boating experts say that as part of your cleanout, you should remove the bilge drain plug and allow the boat to drain, clean through hulls and strainers. Make sure that, if you have a refrigerator inside, you clean out the refrigerator. Nothing is worse than hauling your boat out of storage at the start of the season and opening your refrigerator, ready to pack it for an upcoming trip and being assailed by noxious odors and potential mold when you open the refrigerator.


  • Top off The Tank. Make sure that your gas tank is full. You’ll also want to add gas stabilizer to prevent problems. Leaving air in the tank can allow moisture to enter the tank and create problems when you restart the engine.

Use Mildew Control Bags. Before you store your boat, you’ll want to do everything you can to prevent mildew and stink during storage.

Remove Batteries and Electronics. Store those items in a warm, dry place. Make sure you clean the battery terminals to remove corrosion that could cause problems later. You may also want to grease the battery terminals.


If you’re looking for boat storage in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll want to be sure the facility you choose is skilled at maintaining storage units and has a great reputation. Contact Value Store It to find out how they can help you with your boat storage needs.


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Three Tips to Handle Your College Student Moving Back

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For months, or maybe even years, you’ve had your house to yourself. You’ve had the pleasure of knowing that, on a Saturday afternoon, the previous night’s takeout leftovers would be exactly where you left them. You’ve had more quiet in your home and more space in the house and garage. Then it happens: your college student calls and says they’re coming home.


moving back


What’s your first thought? Is it “Hide the Cheetos!” or possibly “how on earth will we fit all of their stuff in the house?” If it’s the latter, investing in self storage in Miami, FL just might solve the problem. Here are a few tips to make the transition easier:


Tips to Survive Your College Student’s Move Home


Talk About Your Expectations. To stop confusion in its tracks, early on, talk about what you’ll expect as their parent. Do they have a curfew? Do you want them to pay rent or pitch in with bills? These are things that you’ll need to talk about. It will help lower the stress level in the house if everyone knows the rules ahead of time.


Store Excess Furniture. If your child has been living in their own apartment, chances are they have a wealth of items that they’ll be bringing back with them. Do you have room in their bedroom for the stuff that college students are so famous for accumulating and storing? If not then you might want to explore the idea of self storage.


If you’re looking for self storage in Miami, FL, contact Value Store It to learn about self storage options.


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Reduce Paper Clutter With Digitization

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Dealing with paperwork and filing systems is a time consuming part of running a business, and one that can cause frustration. Additionally, keeping paper copies of various invoices, contracts and documents also takes up a lot of space in an office. If you’re running out of room, going paperless isn’t hard, and can create quite a bit more room.


go paperless


Three Tips to Leave the Paper Behind


Switch to Paperless Billing and Invoicing. This tip works both with your clients and the vendors that you work with. Ask vendors to put you on their electronic mailing lists and to send electronic invoices and receipts. This way, you’re bringing less paper into the office. You can make the switch to electronic payments as well, to pay those companies that you buy products from.


Scan Business Cards, Brochures and Handouts. These small pieces of paper add up quickly and offer another opportunity to reduce the clutter in your office. There are applications that you can download onto your smartphone that could create OCR documents when you’re away from the office. Scan those business cards and documents, and if you have the right program, you might even be able to organize them as you scan while on the go.


Send Less Paper Out. When you send paper documents out to customers, you’re essentially pushing the paper problem into their office. Notify your customers that you’ll be putting an electronic payment program in place and that you will not be sending out paper invoices. If you need to save documents to send to others, convert them to a PDF format document that you can store on your computer.


If you still need to hold onto the hard copies but don’t want them taking up your office space then consider self storage in Pompano Beach as an option. Contact the professionals at Value Store It to learn how they can help.


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